Our Products

Microsoft Hosted Exchange

The market leader in hosted business email, providing secure email accounts and permissions all set up and managed by Ebstar, it's truly amazing how much you can tailor these accounts to work exactly how you want them. We'll talk you through the process and the benefits of hosted exchange, so why not give us a call on 01782 557700 and see if this is the solution for you.

Cloud Backup

No need to ever worry about your data again, Ebstar own physical backup machines in datacenters that are local. We take regular snapshot images of all your critical data and automatically back it up for, if you suffer a critical failure we can backup remotely from the datacenter or if you lose your server to a fire we can get to the datacenter and physically bring a server in and get you back up and working again quicker than you think. We offer many different tiers of this service so call to talk to one of our technicians and we'll make sure you have the right package for your business.

Office 365

Office 365 is a great complete package for any office environment, providing a wide range of products all under 1 monthly subscription. Talk to Ebstar and we'll give you advise on the best way to approach your problems and Office 365 may just hold all the answers to your problems. We'll get you set up and swap over any existing information to your new email accounts with no loss of data and minimal downtime.

Trend Antivirus Protection

Offering top of the line hosted anti virus protection for emails and included in the package will be Trend virus scanning software for your PCs, we offer various amounts of licenses for the software so business size is not a problem. Email scanning requires remote setup through DNS changes on your website but rest assured your daily business activity will not be affected while the change takes place. 

Alongside these great cloud computing products there are 100s of solutions we can offer to various different problems, if you have something you need that isn't listed here the chances are we can get it at a competitive rate so either contact support@ebstar.co.uk or call us on 01782 557700 and speak to our friendly technicians