Backup is dead - Long live Business Continuity!

This was a conversation I recently had with StorageCraft, the leading Business Continuity and disaster recovery specialist. Tape backups, seldom tested and stored in a plastic box next to the server just don’t cut it! Ask yourself – can you afford to lose even a days’ worth of data? The digital threat landscape is changing and the possibilities for data loss are now greater than ever. It is no longer just the traditional hardware failure or environmental failures – the biggest risks come in the form of Ransomware, such as Crypto locker viruses 

Ransomware is a type of virus that infects a computer and encrypts your data making it inaccessible to you. You will not know it is there until it is too late and the cyber-criminals are demanding payment to unlock your data. There is no guarantee that paying them will result in you getting your files back. 

Here at Ebstar. We have developed a multi layered approach to IT security – there isn’t a single “magic bullet”. Your first line of defence is to secure your gateway to the Internet and you should use a Next Generation Firewall. This will control traffic in and out of your business network. We also know that the most common way that your network gets compromised is through infected emails. They can be sophisticated and very convincing. A good email scanning platform will certainly help you here. Traditionally your last line of defence would have been the antivirus software on your PC – but AV vendors can only protect you from known viruses and they are always playing “catch up”. We think that all of these are essential but we can’t guarantee that they will keep you 100% safe for 100% of the time. 

So how do you ensure that you can get up and running without losing too much time or data? We have an “ace in the hole” – a solution that will get your servers or a critical PC up and running quickly with as little 15 minutes data loss. It is a fully managed service which means that you don’t need to juggle tapes or USB drives and we monitor the service so you can be sure it just works! Remember, we said that things like tapes rarely get tested so you are never really sure that they are working. Our StorageCraft hybrid cloud platform will automatically verify your data by fully booting critical machines within a virtual environment and will send you a screenshot of that server or PC actually up and running for your complete piece of mind. The same technology can be used to reconnect you and your users to critical data and services in a matter of minutes (on premise or even in the cloud), giving you time to resolve the issues with your existing servers, minimising disruption to your business. 

As StorageCraft partners, Ebstar have the experience, training and resources to implement and manage this solution for you so you can focus on your business safe in the knowledge that your all your critical data and systems are protected by a robust and scalable solution that can grow with you and your business.

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